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120W Integrated Laminated Color Folding Solar Panels

120W Integrated Laminated Color Folding Solar Panels Basic Technology Data:

1.Peak power:120Wp

2.Working Voltage:18.4V

3.Working current:6.52A

4.Open circuit voltage:22.0V

5.Short circuit current:7.04A

6.Folded size:500*400*50mm

7.Expand size:1810*400mm

8.Individual packaging size:520*420*60mm

9.Net weight:5Kg

10.Gross weight: 5.7Kg

  • Product Detail

  • Product Introduction


    Folding solar panel provides clean, renewable and economical electricity supply for you. You can also take it with you while traveling to 

    charge your electronic devices such as your cell phone, laptops and camera etc. In accompanied with solar generator, household 

    electrical appliances.


     Working Principle 


    The solar radiation energy is converted into electrical energy through the solar panel, and the photovoltaic effect of the solar panel is used. 

    This refers to the phenomenon that light causes a potential difference between different parts of an uneven semiconductor or a combination 

    of semiconductor and metal. When sunlight hits a semiconductor called a "PN junction" in a solar panel, a very short wavelength Light is easily 

    absorbed inside the semiconductor and collides with the "valence electrons" in the silicon atoms, so that the "valence electrons" gain energy 

    and become free electrons and escape the lattice, thereby generating electron flow and forming an electric current

    solar panel

    Product Features 


    1. Carefully selected high efficiency single crystal solar cell solar cells for reliable performance.

    2. 22% High Conversion Efficiency solar panel enables to produce electricity in low-lux outdoor environment(>40000 Lux)

    3. The pouch that holds the plates is made with quality polyester fabric, hand-sewed together and comes with an extra compartment 

    to store your cell phone

    4. Prevent against reverse charging

    5. IP Rating: IPX3


     Operation Guidance  


    1. Unfold the product, lay it flat on the ground, or open the bracket support, and try to make the solar panel face the sun;

    2. Connect the electronic device to USB port or DC port to start charging.


     How to read the indicator light?  


    Indicator light


    Solidly on

    Output port is functioning normally


    The output port of this product or of your electronic device may be short-circuited



    Our company provides customers with warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase.

    15W Folding Solar Panel Technology Data    


    Peak power


    USB-A Output

    5V/2.4 A

    Working Voltage



    5V/2.4A9V/2 A12 V/1.5A

    Working current


    DC5.5*2.1 Output


    Open circuit voltage


    Folded size


    Short circuit current


    Expand size


    Operating temperature


    Individual packaging size


    Processing technology


    Net weight


    Surface material


    Gross weight


    Output Port


    Outer packaging


    Package Contents


    1x10-in-1 Connecto

    1 x Dc-to-anderson

    1 x Dc-to-clamp for Storage Battery

    1 x Dc-to- DC Cables

    1 x User Manual

    Performance Testing


    1. Test conditions:

    1.1 Test light intensity: 1000W/㎡ or simulated light source of 38,000 LUX;

    1.2 Unless otherwise specified, each test in this user manual should be carried out under the standard atmospheric conditions of the test: 

    temperature: 25℃; relative humidity: 10%~90%; air quality: AM1.5;

    1.3 The accuracy of the instrument for measuring voltage should be no less than 0.5, and the internal resistance should be no less than 10KΩ/V;

    1.4 The accuracy of the instrument for measuring current should not be lower than 0.5;

    1.5 The accuracy of the instrument used for measuring temperature should not be less than ±1℃.


    2. Test equipment:

    2.1 Cell tester;

    2.2EL tester;

    2.3 Solar module tester (IV curve);

    2.4 Electronic load;

    2.5 illuminance meter;

    2.6 Simulated light source (tungsten halogen lamp).


    3. Reliability test:

    3.1 Aging test: Under natural light, the energy storage power supply is fully charged for one week, and the function is no problem;

    3.2 Charging test: the energy storage power supply can be charged and fully charged under natural light;

    3.3 Drop test: The bare metal is naturally dropped from a height of 0.5 meters to four sides of the cement floor, once on each side;

    3.4 Anti-splashing test: the surface of the tarpaulin is inclined at an angle of 10 degrees, and water is splashed on the surface of the 

    tarpaulin with a cup to form water droplets and flow down naturally;

    Screen printing alcohol resistance test: use a cotton cloth soaked with alcohol, wrap it on a 100g French dock, and wipe it 500 times 

    at a speed of 30-40 times/second (back and forth), without exposing the substrate or stripping the paint.

    Product Picture


    120w一体层压迷彩 (3)_副本.jpg120w一体层压迷彩 (6)_副本.jpg

    120w一体层压迷彩 (4)_副本.jpg120w一体层压迷彩 (5)_副本.jpg


    Structure Diagram





    1. This product has no built-in battery and cannot store electrical energy. The charging effect will be best when the weather is sunny, 

    and the efficiency will be affected on cloudy days or under the shade of trees;

    2. Do not squeeze the solar panel forcefully, otherwise it will be easily damaged;

    3. Do not put the product into water or get it wet;

    4. When you use it, please try to make the folding solar panel and the solar light a vertical irradiation, which can improve the absorption 

    of solar light by the solar panel;

    5. Please keep the solar panel surface clean, otherwise it will affect the solar panel's absorption of sunlight;

    6. Try to ensure that the light on each solar panel is uniform;

    7. Do not throw away discarded solar panels.

    If you are interested in our product, Welcome to inquiry us.Thanks.


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