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T500 Portable Power Station For Europe

T500 Portable Power Station For Europe

1.Capacity :135000mAh(6S9P 3.6V)486wh

2.Rated AC output power:500W Pure Sine Wave

3.DC Output:1 x Output 12/10A Max

4.AC Output Power:Rate Power:500W ;Peak:750W

5.LED Light :7W LED Light Long Light /SOS/ Flash

6.Power Indicator:LCD

7.Operation Temperature: -10℃-40℃

8.Life cycle:>800Times


10.Net Weight:5.8KG

  • Product Detail
  • Protable Power Station Introduction image.png           

    A portable power station, also known as a portable power generator or a portable power pack, is a compact and self-contained device that provides 

    portable electrical power. It is designed to store and deliver electricity for a variety of applications, particularly in off-grid or emergency situations where 

    access to a traditional power source may be limited or unavailable.

    Portable power stations typically consist of a rechargeable battery pack, an inverter to convert the stored DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) 

    power, and various outlets or ports to connect and charge different devices. They may also have built-in features such as USB ports, DC outlets, and even AC 

    outlets to accommodate the charging and operation of various electronic devices, appliances, and tools.The main advantages of portable power stations are:

    1. Portability: Portable power stations are designed to be highly portable and easy to carry. They come in various sizes and weights, ranging from small and

     lightweight options that can be carried in a backpack to larger ones with wheels and handles for easy transport.

    2. Versatility: Portable power stations are versatile and can power a wide range of devices and equipment. They typically offer multiple output options, 

    including USB ports for charging smartphones, tablets, and other small devices, as well as AC outlets to power larger appliances such as laptops, televisions,

     refrigerators, and power tools.

    3. Energy Storage: Portable power stations use rechargeable batteries to store electricity. These batteries can be charged using various methods, including solar panels, wall outlets, or car chargers. The stored energy can be used as a backup power source during power outages, for camping or outdoor activities, or in 

    remote locations where grid electricity is not available.4. Quiet and Emission-Free Operation: Unlike traditional gas-powered generators, portable power stations operate silently and produce no harmful emissions. 

    They are typically powered by lithium-ion batteries, making them more environmentally friendly and ideal for indoor use or for areas where noise and pollution are concerns.

    Ovrall, portable power stations provide a convenient and reliable source of electricity on the go, offering versatility and peace of mind in situations where power is

     limited or non-existent. They are an excellent alternative to traditional generators, especially for those who value portability, quiet operation, and a cleaner energy solution.

    The Product Parameters



    Technology Data


    Rated AC output power


    Input Recharging

    Adapter19V 3.75A About 8H
    Solar Panel80W-120W 18-22V

    135000mAh(6S9P 3.6V)

    500W Pure Sine Wave

    USB Output

    3 x USB Output 5V/2.4A Max
    1 x USB Output 5~12V/2A(QC3.0 18W)
    1 x TYPE-C PD27W
    1 x TYPE-C PD60W

    DC Output

    1 x Output 12/10A Max

    AC Output Power

    Rate Power500W ;Peak750W

    LED Light

    7W LED Light Long Light /SOS/ Flash

    Power Indicator


    Operation Temperature






    Net Weight


    Package Accessories

    1 x  Portable Power Station
    1 x 19V/3.75A Power Adapter
    1 x Car Charger
    1 x User Manual


    CE,FCC,PSE,UN38.3,MSDS,Sea and Air Report

    Package Information

    Package Size487*380*376MM      QTY/CTN2PCS                                    WG/CTN13.6KG


    T500 Portable Power Station Details                                                                             image.png 


    T700 Portable Power Station                                                                               image.png  


    Strong Compatibility To Meet Multi-Device Charging Requirements 


    Caleulstion Fomua   486*0.85/Device Watt=Using time

    For example, AC fan(60W):486*0.85/606.9(hours), DC Car Refrigerator (60W):486*0.9/607.3  hours)

    135000*0.85*0.75/Device Battery Capacity=Charging times. For example, lphone11(3110mAh): 135000*0.85*0.75/311028 times


    The above data are obtained from laboratory tests, and the actual use will vary slightly depending on the specific situation.

    Modified Sine Wave Output 



    Four Kinds of Output Jacks   


    lMulti-jacks, double AC Jacks, designed to be plug and play, no need to wait for electricity


    Multi-Charging Methods  


    lChoose the charging method according to the application scenario, Standard In-city charger at home, Outdoor travel car charger/Solar panel


    Safety Technology  



    The Details Showing 



    The Details Showing   



    If you are interested in our protable power station,welcome to inquiry us.


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